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Customized Training

  • You are on top of everything except for one specific skill set that is holding you back?

  • You have a small team handling mostly Admissions and/or admin-related tasks, and you want them to acquire the basics in school marketing and communications?

  • You would rather handle everything internally, but don't currently have the know-how to do so?

We provide practical and actionable training sessions to master various sub-fields and the most important tools of digital marketing. All the training and examples given have been developed specifically with the education sector in mind.

What we offer

- Strategy Training: we teach you how to set up a comprehensive Marketing & Communications plan, develop the best strategic action plan for your school and implement it using the resources you have.

- Social Media Training:

  • Social Media Management: How to define a good editorial strategy, set up a convenient scheduling calendar, create engaging content.

  • Social Media Paid Campaigns: How to efficiently target your audience, adapt the campaign content according to each platform, what key metrics to monitor, etc.

- Website Management Training: learn the ropes on Wordpress and Wix/EditorX so that you can get full control of your website after it goes live.

We offer training by the session or as bundles, depending on your team's specific needs and your school's objectives and priorities.


Paid Search / Social Media Campaigns

  • Want to explore the possibilities offered by social media to attract new students, but don't know where to start or how to set up a campaign?

  • Are you finding Google Ads confusing and therefore hard to get results with?

  • Your school is already using social media to engage with current students & families, but not to attract prospective ones?

We take care of everything from A to Z: target definition, digital assets creation, sharp copywriting and then thorough monitoring, analytics and post-campaign reporting.

What we offer

- Social Media Paid Campaigns: We can help promote your next Open House event, boost inquiry rates or just raise awareness on how great your school is on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

- Google Paid Campaigns: We make sure that if a prospective family looks for a great school in your area, your name shows up while not overspending. In order to do so, we help identify the right keywords with the best value for money.

We have hourly rates, project-based rates and packages if you want a combination of services.
Get in touch to discuss solutions and rates.


Website & Social Media Management

  • Do you have a website, but it doesn't reflect your school adequately anymore or it is in dire need of a redesign?

  • Would you like to enhance your school's social media presence, but do not have the bandwidth for this, or the know-how to post specific content on each platform?


Maintaining a flawless online presence - mainly defined by your website and  social media - is critical, as it is the first impression prospective families will have of your school.

What we offer

- Web design: we design simple yet professional-looking websites to showcase your school in all its uniqueness. It doesn't need to be very sophisticated (in some cases, just a couple of pages suffice) but just a clean, sleek and good reflection of your school. 

- Web audit/management: we help create and update your website's content (copywriting, infographics, videos...) or handle full website management, depending on your needs. We can also provide full audits with actionable reporting in order to help you find your website's weak spots and make the necessary changes to make the best out of it.

- Social media management: we create engaging content, interact with your community and grow your followers to attract prospective families. We master all the main channels you'll want your school to be on (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.)


We can also help with the set up of an editorial strategy and scheduling calendar, or provide branded templates for your school that you can reuse on your own.

How We can Help

- Our Services


Content Creation & Edition

  • Do you need a hand with the daunting task of putting together the annual yearbook?

  • Do you have important documents that you need help with editing - newsletters, guidelines, annual reports, Board of Directors communications, etc.?

  • You have lots of content to be posted on social media, but would like help to make it look more harmonious with some branded templates?

We do wonders with words and visual assets (photo/videos, infographics) equally - and we develop a global approach on content.

What we offer

- Editing/Layout: annual reports, yearbooks, leaflets, brochures, invites, etc.

- Copywriting: we help (re)write documents, webpages, social media posts, etc. with a focus on storytelling and always with the goal to showcase the many inspiring stories your school harbours.

- Photography/Video: slideshows, end-of-year recap videos, promotional videos, animated/static infographics, etc.

- Social media content: digital assets, templates for various platforms.


      ...And More

What we also offer

- Strategy: After in-depth research and analysis, we design a comprehensive Marketing & Communications plan personalized to your school based on your objectives (boost enrollments, improve internal communication with current families, etc.). We develop the best strategic action plan and implement it using the resources you have.

- SEO: We can help (re)write your website in order to improve search engine rankings, and make sure people who are looking for a great school in your area find you more easily!

- Translation: If you are an international school or if your target student/family comes from around the world, we can translate your content to/from French, English, Spanish and Hebrew.

- Alumni: We can help set up or run your alumni database, send out e-mail campaigns, organize a fundraising campaign... Let us know how we can help!

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